Appearance is a very important part of a professional image. It tells a lot about our feelings of well-being, determination, habits. Image is especially important for those who work in the beauty area. There is no need to buy a new wardrobe every single season or change the hairstyle often. Professional image is everything you need and most importantly your personal image should be on the spot too. However it cannot overshadow your customer and work environment in no case.

Hair stylists - face the issues of style and beauty every day. They like beautiful and durable things that can meet extreme challenges, especially having a deal with hair dyes. Hairdressers should not forget about their image and the functionality of work clothing while, creating beauty on the heads of their clients.
Image maker (designer) and hair stylist Dziuljeta Vebre has created stylish clothing, resistant to chemicals and hair dyes for hairdressers and other beauty creators - nail specialists, make-up stylists.
Beauty, style and functionality in one.
The author of the book "If you want to change your life - change your hairstyle", creates clothes that can be transformed according to the need and mood. 10 models of work clothes and possibility to combine them with 15 functional accessories (including stylish shiny collars and pockets of various decor and design). Leaving freedom for your artist's imagination.

On this web site you can find attractive work clothing and their combinations for the all beauty salon team. Black color dominates, and the accessories shine in golden and silver colors. This solution for you, beauty creators, was made not accidentally. Image specialist Dziuljeta Vebre recommends to follow to the dominant dress code in the world for beauty professionals which described by three elements: black color, simplicity and comfortable silhouette. The black color is chosen for purpose - it is a luxurious and neutral color at the same time. It does not hurt the eye, so a person looks solid.
Black and stylish work clothing can be associated with a small black dress that is an icon of elegance and it's never out of fashion.

The clients are able to get a better view of their new hairstyles when their hair stylist is wearing black clothes while standing behind them. His hair silhouette looks brighter and hair cut shows up a lot better. As a fact, client should first see themselves in the mirror, but not a hairdressers rainbow coloured dress.
Hairdressers should refuse massive piercings or large necklaces, bracelets. These accessories can distract attention or even get in to the client's hair.
Choose the clothes with zippers or fringe-decorated clothes, with interchangeable collars and pockets. You can also personalize them with your own salon or beauty studio logo.

Dziulieta Vebre created clothes that are made of specially coated polyester. They are durable and do not require high maintenance, easy to wash and long wearing. Due to the specially designed material, they are not only resistant to the chemicals and hair dyes, but also the hair does not stick to. These clothes get dry very quickly. This is especially important for the hairdressers, because they wash their clients heads several times a day.
Choose the clothes of the same color for your salon. You can even choose them from 12 different models - and as soon as client enters the salon, they will notice that salon has a harmonious team. If you like more colorful image - decorate the collar with fashionable pink decor. To create a more interesting image Dziulieta Vebre offers body belts with coupling pockets, where hairpins or scissors fit perfectly.

You will find work clothing for professionals on this web site. They are created in Lithuania by the specialist having many years of experience and they will emphasize your professionalism. Create the beauty professionally.